Natural Hair Care Tools

Natural Hair Care Tools for your Hair are here to help you with your hairstyle. These innovation are from someone to bee willing to help us in this World. And to help You. From creation as a part of culture and to help others , same way to innovate plus to deliver Natural tools for hair care providing better care.

We have extreme importance when it comes to our hair. Part of how we see ourselves. How we manage our hygiene is very important to us , and it is a reflection on us directly. And when you see your hair out of control you are desperate for connection to your sense quickly. NO NEEDS FOR FEAR ,we have solution and it is RIGHT HERE

Our hair is coming from our Genetics. Beginning with curly to straight , and all the difference in-between and sometimes in thereof combination. You have no idea how the Natural Hair Care Tools will help you out and find help with solution that you are looking for. And believe me it is for many to come to be helped with. Most of those situations with managing harder hair.

Ending the Bad Hair Day’s

Now we have good methods for bad hair endings day’s. And you are part of them. Right here right now! And what helps even more knowing your Hair Type and how to provide even better care for it. Having great access to these Natural Hair Care Tools it’s gonna help you caring for your Hair , your genetic blessing of Hair Type witch you have.

Simply Natural Hair, is putting your hair on track without Chemical Treatment that you could have done damage with to your hair in the past years. The best shape you hair deserve to be in raduway. With out breaking off and brittle in the middle or at the end. Just healthy hair, that’s what you want for you hair, and working on repair in order to gain your hair health. Helping it last in a greatest health state for longer as possible to your benefits as healthy.

Coming back to enjoy the celebration of your Natural Hair:

natural hair care products

Having your Natural Hair back when you start repairing the unwillingly damages made to your hair. So, we have a incredible , awesome , and even greater news. To get your Natural Hair state back:, we are sharing the new and revolutionary care products for your hair. We are providing a weekly care system for your better hair days, which leads you to the all next topic and findings to your ideal hair system care.

Natural Hair Care Tools Types and Products

Do we all have different hair types! “YES”. I just learned this myself as well. Just like most of anything: facts are amazing. And most likely same as your blood type or skin type: there is also a Hair types. And more you learn about this subject, more is explained about to us, and cleared up about our hair types. One thing only our specifics about ethnicity , or race does not determine the great or intense for our hair types always. Somehow it is all genetic! In your situation you probably will not have the same hair as any of your parents or direct parent. Family tree of yours and the people making it exactly passing the genes down directly to determine not only your eye color, & your skin but as well type of your hair and color.

Depending how they are attributed or designed to occur in a particular way of the genetic outcome. And do we have to curse our genes , no you don’t need to fear we have people somewhere up there that are finding a better ways to providing a better lives to us.

Natural Hair Care Tools

The Natural Hair Care Tools with these amazing products. You should really get here and check them out right now ! This information are amazing for you and your hair, and anyone you know that is unhappy with they hair care tools. It is gona make your hair days much better again. And as well for those they don’t know for such solution existence . You are here now you know!

Most women know their Hair Type and they Beauty and Cosmetics. From all of that I talk to and everything I can see . They are dealing with it all day , each day and every day. And If you know someone or anyone with curly hair or curls you share this helpful page with.

The hair Chart

natural hair care products

There is a Chart that helps to determine hair types and it is there for you. Contains 4 Types of hair, from Type one to Type four. There is a subtype for each type. To help you determine your hair type these subtypes get more and more specific. Once you establish exactly your hair type you will have the ability to care for your own hair.

My hair type is a Type 4C tight curl and frizzy, the hardest to manage. Many people with this type of hair use chemical treatments to tame they hair. In that situation you lose your nature hair texture. I really have been trying to avoid the all part of chemical process and hair treatment now, even for years. The over processing due put my hair in very slow growth rate , extremely frizzy and my hair is very brittle . When I get my hair back & proper fix for it, these Natural Hair Care Product will be and it is my lifesaver for me and my hair.

I always loved my curls , and I want them more manageable smooth and silky. In my younger age I always have them like that . It takes a long time to have them back, but I want them again the same kind. So as I am waiting I’m researching about how to provide the care for my hair type. Perfect day washing system is gonna help me keep my hair maturely manageable . Let’s see the various hair types and help you out to determine your own.

Hair Type 1-A, B and C

Hair type one 1- is generally straight Hair . Straight hair as well comes with texture meaning there are various types of hair for category One-1.

type 1b hair
  • One-1A Type Hair it is straight hair no bounce or wave no band. May be very difficult for adding texture. People use perms for straight hair from time to time to change to a little curl .
  • One -1B Type Hair is straight still but has little of wave. Not very much to it just enough of subtle curves in the wave. Such hair type is a easier to care for or curl with out any need for any chemical enhancements.
  • One -1C Type Hair it’s straight but little bit of curl combination. Sometimes this hair type can be affected by humidity or by weather conditions. Not Always.

Type 2 Hair: A, B and C – Natural Hair Care tools

Hair Type 2 with a waves as the general texture.The wave very. Gives you a scale to determine which type of hair you have exactly.

natural hair care products
  • Hair Type 2A is usually loose waves with the straight hair at the crown of the head. Fine and thin with a little or no much texture to it. The wave slowly formed down towards a middle of the head.
  • Hair Type 2B is a straight hair also the crown with the wave starts in the middle. More defined forming wave as a S shape and the fall to the hair tip.This wave type can have a tendency to frizz, and usually a bit more coarse in texture.
  • Hair Type 2C have waves from the crow to the tip.This hair type is extremely prone to frizzing.The texture of the wave is hanging in a corkscrew-shaped curl. The appearance sometimes is coarse and the hair thick.

Hair Type 3- A, B, and C

Most popular Hair Type 3. We all wish to have those fet, big bouncy curls. Hair types 3 have that shiny smooth and voluminous hair. It sounds like ,, My beautiful and healthy hair” as we say. Seems that we strive for. But unfortunately , we don’t have this always. I already say it could be all about Gene Pool.

natural hair care products
  • THE 3A TYPE curls are a big loose spirals. A well defined S shape with a soft texture springly and shiny tend to be curls.
  • THE 3B TYPE curls are a bit tighter. It ranges from ringlets to corkscrews. With type of hair like this you experience more density and volume. Type of hair that also leans toward the coarse side.
  • THE 3C TYPE curls are the one curly-coily type. They are corkscrew in shape extremely tight. Your hair will apper to have some shrinkage with this type of curl. Your hair volume will appear more dense and with greater volume as a result.

Hair Type 4- Natural Hair Care Products

My hair type is this. As well most people with an ethnic background ,this is hair type you may fall in. We manage our frizzy , curly hair tend to use chemical enhancement to tame it. That will not longer be the case with this new product. Let’s explore this Type 4 hair .

type 4c hair
  • TYPE 4A – Hair has a curl and it is extremely tight with a S shape distinct.Type hair as this is dense with springy coils varying from resembling to fine. The hair is very thick and coarse usually.
  • TYPE 4B- Hair is unique, curls look very like it has sharp angles and edges more like a z-shape pattern. The curl is less defined in shape but tighter and also has a varied from thin and fine to coarse to wiry the curl strand.
  • TYPE 4C- Hair is what you could have very dense ,coarse with little definition in the curls and thick. With hair type like this curl can range from super fine and coarse to wiry. Tends to frizz badly . The curls also are very delicate and can be lost easily.

Care for hair TIP’S

Now when you exactly know your hair type there is only one think you need to know : is to provide care for it. Very simple. Perfect wash day kit is something that we will marketing here. This will enable you how to get your curl to its better shape and optimal texture. With this Natural Hair Care products you can and you will get your natural hair back. As well you will be back to your natural self in no time with this daily treatment for your hair.

Great News – and you should check it out !

To get back to your natural you we have the system you have been looking for. Take a look at all this various products availability for you to have the ultimate care system for hair to imagine the best look for your hair. Just to check it out , you can start right here .