Wine Magic

Wine Magic occurs when you combine Fine Wines with food and company. Furthermore, it is beyond words to describe the amazing thing really. Since this is something that’s so wonderful for the quality of our lives, we should all educate ourselves on it and be part of Wine Magic.

Prepare for the Greatest Wine Experience—Press to Begin Now!

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  • Genuinely Excellent Wines True Fine Wines. These are difficult to come by and obtain. First of all, when purchased at retail, they are overpriced. Range $125 per bottle or more. Additionally, there is a better way, which you just saw above, even though it is still worth it! Join our Wine of the Month Club with the understanding that you will only get real True Fine Wines.
  • Amazing Matches for Those Genuinely Excellent True Fine Wines . This is where the wine and food tastes and experiences will truly shine. It’s not going to grow old. It is timeless and deserves to be shared along through the generations. (See More About Wine and Food Combination Below).
  • In the company of our dear ones. alternatives for this. A romantic “Wine Magic Event” with your significant other is the first (and our favorite). Second, spending time with those you care about and enjoying an evening, an afternoon, or a day. Dear ones, Family, and Friends who are Relatives.

Boards for Charcuterie (Or Plates):

wine magic

Simple to exquisite designs can be used to set these up. A variety of Cheese Products, Nuts, Fruit Snacks. Jelly and Jam, Sweets, Flavorful and Salty Meat Products, Honey ( a single or more types), Berries that are freshly picked, Pickle, and Veggies should be on hand. As they are consumed with the wines, these are arranged to be tasted.

Wine Pairings for This?

Here are some preset Examples to Use, however you can enjoy this illustration with any of the True Fines Wines you are going to get from our Incredible “True Fine Wines” Wine of the Month Club!

Start with Tanya Ricord Rose or the More Than Muse. Always a fantastic place to start. Keeping things light before getting deep in the

  • Tanya Ricord Pinot Grigio or 
  • Tanya Ricord Moscato.
  • Let’s go on to the More Than Muse Chenin Blanc 
  • or Sauvignon Blanc.
  • The More Than Muse Chardonnay is another option.
  • After that, you may sample the Donna Walker Cabernet Sauvignon and Nile Eddy Pinot Grigio.
  • Including the Ricord Merlot and Linda Horn Cabernet Franc in it.

Enabling you to Share “Flavor Parties” and Truly Appreciate the Tastes.

When it’s just the two of you, or a small group of you, this is ideal. This gives it a hint of extra “Fanciest”. And it’s fantastic when you’re going to be sampling a ton of wines during the Wine Magic Event!

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Await Knowledge Gained and Snack and Wine Pairings (New Selections Every Saturday). You get access to the online community dedicated to making Wine Magic for all!

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