Author Life Achievement

Author Life Achievement started with combination of my life. On this website beginning in February 2023. I am still adding and upgrading Dayle. My interest in online community’s does not include writing or publishing articles on a daily basis. Immigration did all the moving and traveling, researching for better life.

Since I was a small-town borne Yugoslavian girl who left home long time ago in May 1992 and had little chance or possibility of returning back. Then Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina my birth place and country. Today and now is currently my birthplace as well Homeland. As of 1995 renamed to the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina. County Travnik a old Town, City in the meddle as Administration, well know as center and hart of Yugoslavia.

I actually have a daughter in a middle age to take care of. For me and my daughter, to start over means moving to a new part of area and City with no ordinary skills or experience to start with. we have to give up something to kip what we have and protect the most important things in needs.

My “new beginning” life and hope for better achievement work related in the United States. My Daughter is Collège Graduate in May 2023. Beginning in February 1999, my housing and new beginning over started in Phoenix Arizona The United States OF America, where I currently live and work.

Starting Online is to change and look for financial independence or freedom. It is always Difficult to start over again with a new job, a new chance for better live, with a different regulation, and policy. Advisement from others, new job training & waiting for better days to arrive. Especially with a very little variety of financial changes in compensation and benefits.

Authorship and Life Achievement, reminds me on notable educationalist Ivo Andric. An Author of many Books and Nobel Peace Prize winner, laureate that is borne in Travnik. It did Motivated me to want to be in and around region. Visiting neighboring Museums and his birth house in the Centrum of the City. Achieving and defending the freedom in the most collaborative way possible to survive in both good and poor times in a War Zone. Hunger and Starvation within the war situations as long for Years. My family still leave in Travnik they hometown, the center of world-famous traditions Food, Cooking and greatest Cuisine.

Nature participated in very green way, welcomed me many times and it explored the area in its own unique ways. As of 1996, the welcoming community had welcomed me back twice. I spent some time traveling from Germany, Country where I immigrated to in 1994. The long distance from my house, where I traveled in 2008 and visited again in 2010. Then in October 2023 again the greatest surprise, visited my family. Sadly, never have the chance to travel with my daughter, but I’m intending to.

Author Life Achievement. Now when my daughter has finished school, I made a decision to take my free time and share my experiences aiding and helping individuals in need and boosting their work chances in light of the continued economic instability with others through Dalila’s Online Offers.

I’ve determined that now, after all these years of new beginnings, and being at home and unemployed, is the perfect time for me to fully understand the responsibilities of the System for those in needs.

Thanks for reading and finding my work enjoyable.

Welcome To Dalila’s Online Offers. MAY 6TH 2023.

Dalila’s Online Offers

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