The Football Game

The Football Game we found is something we all need. From playing in our backyards to tailgating with the lads, we’ve done it all. This is amazing. There is nothing else like it out there. You must see this; it is the only football game available. Consider how much time we spend watching football. It’s fantastic. We want to be a part of it, and we can now. During halftime, prior to the game, or following the game. That, and the football game you’re watching is ready to play. Take it with you everywhere you go. The park, the school field, the church grounds, and, of course, one’s own backyard! This is the football game, and nothing else compares to it.

the football game

The Football Game:

This is the ideal pack and play kit to transport and use in any field or backyard, no matter where you are enjoying sports. Even “NFL or College Team Flags” are optional for the football game you are seeing here so you may represent while you play with your family and friends. Ideal before the game, at the break, or following the Dallas Cowboys’ rout of the GIants? Oh yeah, dude! Set up the teams and participate in it as a group. (See Below for Simple Rules)

The only football game available is the one you are seeing right now. We are among the most passionate football supporters. Little League, high school, college, and the NFL are all examples. This is a strategy to include everyone and get us participating in physical activity related to the sport. Check it out:

family outdoor activity

Get Your “Take Anywhere” Set Here:

Also, don’t overlook the gift-giving aspect. Nobody who like sports could possibly be opposed to wanting this fantastic game. They are actual chairs. So it serves two purposes. These may be seen in parks and schools all around the world. the park, the schoolyard, the beach, the backyards, and even in churches! This is the game that will reunite us all, just as we have been waiting for it to do! For playtime in the neighborhood, P.E. class, religious organizations, and educational institutions. Kids of all ages will be able to focus on the enjoyment of this game. Each kit includes the rules, and scoring is simple. However, I had to place them lower. It facilitates understanding.

This is an awesome and well-built method to have fun, from the backyards to the fieldhouse. It’s the finest tailgating game on the planet. We discovered it and are now sharing it with you. GET IT ALREADY!

On October 7, 2021, Michael Silva literally gave me these rules during a Zoom call. Verbatim. While they are packaged in kits, they will undoubtedly stimulate your thoughts. While you wait for your set to come, you should stand by your entrance. Invite the boys and the family over. assemble the Girls. Play too!


  • (Suggested and dependent on talent) Space the seats 40 feet apart. Take it out a bit, you PROs.
  • They play for the same team. Play 1 vs. 1 to 4 vs. 4. You may adjust the side weights as necessary. like in 1, on the left, and 3, on the right. maintaining a minimum of one player per side for teams of two or more sizes.


  • 3 points (Completion) for throwing and hitting any component of the chair, including the uprights.
  • DEFENSE: If the defending team collects the ball after it has bounced (it must first strike the chair and cannot be a defense-caused deflection), they can take a knee for 3 points. Or take a chance and return the ball. If they return the ball, the defense can enter the game, and if their two hand touches are dropped, they can toss the ball toward the chair for points. One attempt.
  • Offense and defense might come into play whether playing 2 on 2, 3 on 3, or 4 on 4. There is a possibility of blocking or lateral pitches.


  • It is referred to be a “FITZ” if it lands in the bucket. And it’s an immediate WIN for the kicking squad. THE GAME IS OVER.
  • If the KICK is wide right or wide left, it enters the game. Defense has the ability to catch and return. (The same rules apply as in the case of Interception Return).
  • WINNING TEAM: To win, the team must score 54 points. When a team scores 54 points, they must win by two points. Once the winning number is reached, the opposing team (if within 7 points)


If the deficit is greater than 8 points. You can take backward steps in a number of steps equal to your deficit in points. If you succeed in getting into the bucket, you win and will be carried off in cries similar to those in the movie “Rudy”.

the football game

Mike and Frank Silva are the ones that offered you this amazing, distinctive, and unquestionably finest tailgating game ever. They are known as the Silva Brothers. Because of the link created through another football fan, we have been in touch frequently. They have also inspired us all to join in and appreciate this beautiful variety of football, and we have loved their excellent senses of humor and excitement for doing so. It has by far the biggest entertainment value of any athletic event, and we can’t express our gratitude to them enough for making it so much fun.The enjoyment never ends. These are so nicely constructed that they will endure a lifetime. And will undoubtedly be a hit for many different events.


Michael and Frank Silva Brothers are three years apart in age. They are the developers of QB54, a game that will undoubtedly become a family treasure. After Thanksgiving dinner, they would go outside to play, setting up two garbage cans at a distance from one other and throwing a ball into the can to prove a point. The winner would be the first person to score 54 points. How they came up with the number 54 was a beautiful blue sky. There were occasions when the neighbors would come over to play simply for fun and wind up staying for three hours.

Let’s see how we can all play together – and don’t forget to share on social media. This is hilarious! Not to mention the greatest type of Turkey Ball for everyone to enjoy. And, owing to this wonderful and portable entertaining solution, it can be done all the time and practically everywhere.

the fotball game


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